Summer Refresh

Q: What excites you most about your current age? 
A: Nothing has to be permanent, including myself. 
— Paris: Poet, Student, Planned Parent Advocate / Age 20
Q: What excites you most about your current age? 
A: The ability and act of documenting my youth. There’s nothing greater then knowing nearly everything I craft will be exposed to the generation I create after me. 
— Sarah: Artist / Age 22
Q: What’s a fear that you have?
A: Forgetting. 
— Sarah
Q: What has surprised you most about the phase of life you’re in?
A: I evolve about 7 times a day and with each evolvement I meet someone new. If I don’t meet someone new I learn something new and if I don’t learn something new, I feel life consistently realigning and shifting me to my purpose. It’s strange being an adult you know?
— Sarah
I feel both too young and too old simultaneously. I know that it’s fairly common to feel a bit less “together” than you would imagine you’d be at any given age, but lately, I feel “old” compared to so many other people doing incredible things. I am also surprised by how much I have to remind myself what I want to do is endurance, not a sprint....I often am so wrapped up in the end goal that I lose sight of the process day-to-day. 
— Paris
I am afraid of being complacent. I am always wondering, “What could I be doing right now?” “What could I be reading or learning or writing or thinking about?” I am constantly terrified that one day I will wake up and look back disappointed or unsatisfied, due to a realization that I had spent time in a way that appeared comfortable, but was actually static. 
— Paris
I am inspired by the works of Anais Nin, of Sapphire, of Toni Morrison, of Joan Didion, Simone De Beauvoir. I am inspired by ridiculous things like the way the light changes at different times in the year, roller discos, planning outfits before I go to places, crying in movies, a couple really pivotal moments in my life. I am inspired by people who have caricatured me. But, most importantly, I am continually inspired by everyone far more resilient than I am—those who have come from any and every background to attend the same classes as I have, to enter and command the same spaces despite structural barriers I myself haven’t had to overcome.
— Paris

Photo Credit

Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard
Photography & Art Direction: Chloe Horseman
Models: Sarah & Paris
Stylist: Rachel Jones