Victoria’s Secret Is Out of Touch With What Women Want Now

Women are exhausted and outraged by the mediocrity and, quite frankly, bland interpretation of womanhood that’s largely been promoted to date. What happens if you’re a size A like me? Or have lots of cellulite? (Also like me). The good news is that we’re entering a period where consumers are saying ‘this is no longer okay’.
Rachel Jones

Underwear giant Victoria’s Secret is suffering a massive decline in sales. This might be confusing to hear, especially if your memories from teenagehood include a visit to the store that felt akin to a religious experience. It was a glowing pink heaven full of satin teddies and dreams of growing up into a Tyra or a Candice.

Women now hunger for more diverse representations of beauty. It’s time we realise you can have soft pillowy lips and cellulite flowing out of your thighs, you can have regally high cheekbones and have acne. The “flaws” on our bodies, our scars, cleft lips, vitiligo and birthmarks, make us beautiful, they are the person details which set us apart from everyone else, preventing us from turning into this indistinguishable mass of bodies. What use is it for all clothes to be displayed by the same unrealistic mannequin body? How will anyone know what looks good on their figure?

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