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In Bed With

Sylvie Makower

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Photography Katie Silvester
Editor’s Note
I first crossed Instagram paths with the prodigious Katie Silvester in 2016 when she was touring Europe in a van. The photographs that emerged from that trip gave the phrase “travel envy” a whole new meaning, as she criss-crossed beaches and valleys taking sun-drenched photos of herself and friends. When I later found myself in London on a work trip, I had to meet this free-spirited creative. Her adventures (and work) capture a carefreeness I want for myself, but often lack. So… I gladly channel it on these pages :). I am so excited to share these photos that she recently took of London-based model Sylvie Beam. The images capture what I love most about Katie’s work: an unselfconscious joy and possibility of adventure, which I hope rub off on me (and you) all the more in 2019.

Who’s that girl?

Name Sylvie Makower
Age 19
Location London, UK

What pays the bills?

I’m studying philosophy at the moment, so I don’t work full time. I model and when I’m feeling creative, I sell paintings whenever opportunities come along.

What’s a career or life goal that you have?

Not really a personal goal but I’d love to see society stop proliferating the exploitation of animals in my lifetime – more a goal for humanity. I’d also like to write books and papers.

What is the story behind that amazing haircut?

I watched Rohmer’s ‘La Collectionneuse’ and whenever I’m visually inspired by a film I end up emulating the characters for a bit so I cut my hair.

Secret (or weirdest) beauty hack/routine?

I put aloe vera all over my face sometimes before having a bath, like a face mask. When you get in the bath, it tingles and feels yummy ‘cause of the steam I think.

What snack do you crave when most stressed?

Figs, I have lots of good memories attached to figs.

What keeps you up at night?

Snatches of phrases coming into my head, so I have to get up and write strange poems.
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