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In the age of the #selfie, even images captured when no one else is around take on an air of self-consciousness, as if the picture itself already anticipates the “likes” it may receive. What I love about Kimbra Audrey’s work, an artist and photographer based in Paris, is the utter comfort and ease conveyed in her personal photographs. You can see more of her work here.
I mainly shoot self-portraits. I started taking self-portraits only for myself, but after sharing them with my friends they quickly evolved. I shoot to release and capture an emotion that I have experienced or am experiencing. I want my images to be as raw and honest as possible.
Kimbra Audrey
I don’t edit my images in any way, I believe there is beauty in what other people may see as flaws.
Kimbra Audrey
I know it’s cliche but everything inspires me. My friends are a huge inspiration; I feel blessed to know such wonderful, powerful, talented women. I moved to Paris this year, because I feel the most inspired for my work in this city.
Kimbra Audrey
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