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In Bed With

Luna Blue

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Photography Milan Wheaton

Who’s that girl?

Name Luna
Vocation Student
Age 21
Location New York, NY

What are you studying in school? Do you have a vision of where you’d like to be in 5 years, career-wise?

Currently I am studying media in college, which will transition into law school to study media law. My main plan is to become a lawyer and set the precedent for small businesses and help sustain their position in the industry against larger companies. My second plan, if all else fails, is to move to Washington with a pack of sled dogs and live happily ever after.

I imagine it’s difficult to meet people in NYC during normal times, but has it seemed especially challenging during COVID? Do you have any tips for people moving to a big city during the pandemic and looking to expand their social circle?

My social circle tends to just be me and my dogs, so to work on this I have been trying to be kind to everyone I meet and have the confidence to put myself out there (with a mask on). My main tip is to get a job and be more active in your community. Getting a job is a great way to meet new people anywhere.

As a young woman who has not lived in NYC your entire life, have you been intimidated by the city at any point?

I have frequented NYC for my whole life, so living here has been semi-familiar. I feel that the stereotypes of NYC are rather untrue and I find this city to have a sense of southern hospitality to it. It is a larger city, so when I hear the off-story that someone was dismembered 10 blocks away, I get a little apprehensive. I just make sure to always have my phone charged and my location shared with friends.

The role Gen Z plays in activism around climate change and gun reform is discussed quite a bit, but some young adults feel undervalued when it comes to voting. Is there something you believe Gen Z should be doing better, or should be doing more of?

I think that everyone should try to stay as well informed as possible, making sure to listen and support BIPOC, and call your representatives! (Also—wear your damn mask!)

I’ve heard a lot of people are picking up new hobbies, spending more time in nature, finally using Facetime… What have you been doing differently in the past few months to adapt to the changing times?

When I lived in the mountains, I was outside swimming and hiking with my dogs everyday. In NYC, I try and maintain a list of things I have to accomplish for the daily to make sure I am happy, healthy, and feel any sense of normality.
* Get at least two hours of outside time near a tree
* Recognize the things that I am grateful for
* Draw 1 picture, write 1 cheesy poem, 1 journal entry
* Get ahead on 1 assignment for school
* Pick out a cute outfit and take photos
* Cook supper for me and the pups!
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