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In Bed With

Kiran & Kitt

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Editor’s Note
Undies and veils: who would have thunk it? I have to confess it had never crossed my mind either until THAT iconic pregnancy reveal shoot from queen Bey. Fast forward a couple years and over brunch at my friend Celeste’s house, we started plotting the idea of doing a joint photo shoot for both of our brands. If Beyonce could pull it off, so could we ;). Celeste is the founder and designer of a recently launched bridal accessories line and one of the first friends I made in NYC when I moved here years ago from the soggy pastures of Oregon. She has known me pre-job(s), pre-Jonesy and and pre-marriage, so it is a special kind of joy to see our relationship take on a creative edge.

Who’s that girl?

Name Kitt Curry
Age 19
Location Southwest Florida when not in school in NYC

Who’s that (other) girl?

Name Kiran Bath
Age It’s a state of mind
Location Brooklyn, NYC

What pays the bills?

Kitt I am a student but I work a bit in retail.

Kiran I’m a bit of a hybrid; my “bread” gig is being an attorney at a tech company. Outside of that I’m pursuing poetry and freelance writing.

What is a goal that you have for yourself in 2019? What are you proud to have accomplished so far?

Kitt For 2019 I hope to grow my self-confidence and not doubt myself or my abilities. So far, I am proud that I am able to do the splits. That was my New Year’s Resolution and it’s always been something I wanted to be able to do, so I’m shocked and impressed by myself.

Kiran I guess a 2019 goal is to be well into the thick of developing my manuscript, giving back to the writing community by curating some cute poetry salons and listening to my body far more in terms of rest, digestion and daily asanas. After moving to NY and surviving some major transits, I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m really curating my day-to-day life in a way that’s really nurturing and honest to my needs and individuality.

What is something your friends would be surprised to find out about you?

Kitt I am not very scared of bugs or snakes. I fear things that are bigger than me usually.

Kiran I’m obsessed with figuring out the art of indoor gardening and am kind of hopeless at it so far!

What’s a beauty tip or trick that you swear by?

Kitt Keep a chapstick or lip balm in every bag or jacket. That way, you will never be without! Also, put it on every night before bed.

Kiran Super old school but there’s nothing like pinching your cheeks when you’re stuck for blush. I swear by dry brushing and Abhyanga with sesame oil; it’s a beautiful way to love your body back and keep your blood circulation and moisture game solid.

What’s the most ‘New York’ thing you’ve ever done in, well, NYC?

Kitt Eating too much $1 dollar pizza.

Kiran Two summers ago I was apartment hunting and the broker and I were running late to the next viewing. He had a bike and I had on comfortable shoes, so I stood on his back wheels and we rode a good 10 mins from one end of Fort Greene to the other. Kids on the block and locals on their stoops were cheering us on the whole journey. It was also one of those perfect spring days so the ride past all of the brownstones and new blooms sprouting was glorious!

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