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In Bed With

Kelsey Heinze

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Photography Chloe Horseman

Who’s that girl?

Name Kelsey Heinze
Age 26
Location Saint Augustine, FL

What pays the bills?

I am the Content Director for YIELD! I also do freelance photography and modeling when I can.

What’s a career or life goal that you have?

In my career and in life, my ultimate goal is to learn and gain experiences. Whether that’s through work, or trying out a new hobby, or traveling. I am constantly yearning to live life thoughtfully and be present.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself in the college to work-life transition?

Work hard, don’t sell yourself short, be confident and good things will follow.

What was the impetus for launching your online shop Soft Spot vintage?

My friend Ariel and I have a huge soft spot (pun definitely intended) for vintage and thrifting. We combined our aesthetics and launched it as a fun side hustle. It’s really nice collaborating with her, finding the clothing and having photo shoots. It’s a feel good creative outlet and social project for the both of us.

What is the story behind your amazing hair style? When did you decide to brush out your curls and let the ‘fro live free?

My hair has always been very frizzy/dry and after years of not finding the right products and hating the maintenance of styling my hair, I let it go. It’s carefree and really fun!!

What snack do you crave when most stressed?

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