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In Bed With

Karina De Jesus & Camilla Mayer

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Photography Tiffany Frances
Editor’s note
I was introduced to the Open Haus girls through my former roommate, Steph Dorr. When I visited their lovely garden-level apartment in Bushwick this past April, the shoot concept centered around capturing a pared down, menswear-inspired morning look filled with all of my favorite things: bathrobes, roomy button downs and coffee. I immediately fell in love with the images that Tiffany Frances, our photographer, captured, but was surprised to be struck by another feeling when reviewing the images – one of nostalgia. NYC is a great place to grow up, go broke, and fall in love in your 20s. Much is made out about the romance of the city, or the “swipe left, swipe right” dating culture, but in my mind, female friendships may prove to be the greatest romance of them all.

Who’s that girl?

Name Karina De Jesus
Location Brooklyn, NY
Age 26
Occupation Co-Founder of Open Haus Co and Account Executive at Archetype Showroom

Who’s that girl?

Name Camilla Mayer
Location Brooklyn, NY
Age 26
Occupation Co-Founder of Open Haus Co & Blogger


K On weekdays I like it to be no later than 11:30 PM

C 11PM

Wake up?

K 7 AM

C 6:30 AM

How would you describe your morning routine?

K It starts out calmly and then gets rushed as the time to leave home approaches.

C My mornings tend to be really rough. I’m not one to wake up early or have coffee. I usually sleep until the very last second, dress quickly and then get out the door as soon as possible.

What is the one thing in your morning you can’t do without?

K It is what it is: coffee.

C Mascara. It makes me feel more whole and less sleepy. Oh, and snuggles with my kitty Horchata. We call her Chata.

If you had 15 more minutes in the morning, what would you squeeze in?

K More quiet time, for sure.

C I would try to have a more leisurely morning of sitting outside in my backyard with a cup of coffee and my journal. With the temperatures getting warmer, sitting outside in the sun just warms my soul. It’s a nice way to start a morning besides just getting ready and jumping underground for a dark subway commute.

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