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In Bed With

Jo Rosenthal

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Styling help thanks to Rachel Palko

Who’s that girl?

Name Jo Rosenthal
Age 24
Location New York, NY

What pays the bills?

To be honest, not all of my bills are paid right now, haha! Despite all of that, I’m an artist, writer and fashion enthusiast.

How do you stay vulnerable and authentic online?

This is going to sound super cheesy, but I just make sure that everything I put out there is something I would do IRL and if I wouldn’t, there’s no use posting it.

What has most surprised you about your career trajectory so far?

I’m always surprised and honored when brands want to work with me, because I’m very self-conscious and so it really makes me feel like I have a place here in the fashion industry.

f you could be doing anything in 5 years, what would it be?

Working as a fashion reporter for the NY Times.

What is something your friends would be surprised to find out about you?

I almost went to school to be a pastry chef instead of studying art.

What’s the most ‘New York’ thing you’ve ever done in, well, NYC?

Eat a bagel and then pizza and then see a musical. Maybe that’s more of a tourist thing, but I think all of those are extremely New York things.
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