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In Bed With

Eva Alt

In Bed With is a semi-annual interview series with interesting women still figuring life out.

Photography Jen Steele

Who’s that girl?

Name Eva Alt
Location New York, NY
Occupation Social Media Editor @ Glossier

What excites you most about your current age?

How much freedom I can have.
Less than three years ago I was onstage dancing Balanchine’s Symphony in C. I was terribly worried about my career as a dancer, feeling sad and unwanted—waiting for someone to give me the opportunities I needed. Fast forward and I am so happy and surprised with how I’ve been able to take control over my own life, create opportunities for myself, and develop as a whole person.
Eva Alt
I’ve been inspired by music and dancing my entire life. Not dancing every day hasn’t changed this. It is still a revelation to me how music can churn creativity out of me, and dancing to help me see things more clearly.
Eva Alt
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