11 Designers On How Instagram’s Changed The World Of Lingerie

Lady biz in the time of Instagram
Jonesy is a brand born out of the depths of Instagram, and well, we have a lot of thoughts on the subject ;). Read on for founder Rachel Jones’ take on how Instagram has shaped the lingerie industry.
Jonesy team

Instagram is changing the way we see ourselves, the way we perceive beauty, the way we do business, the way we take sexy selfies, and beyond. In your eyes, how has Instagram affected the world of lingerie?

“Instagram has brought some much needed ‘realness’ to the lingerie world since it’s cast a wider net of bodies and looks wearing these products, as opposed to the stereotypical Victoria’s Secret-model look that lasted wayyyy too long. It’s not enough to build a brand around images of size 2 women with C-DD cups. Consumers aren’t afraid to call out brands for doing this, which is refreshing (and keeps all of us on our toes).

At the same time, it’s a visual platform controlled by an algorithm, so while the space has grown more inclusive, it’s far from perfect. I see a lot of content in the lingerie space that seems to still objectify women and that’s something that makes me uncomfortable. With Jonesy we want to make underwear that is stylish and comfortable and sexy, but do it in a way that still acknowledges we’re more than just bodies and sexy curves.”

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