Ericka Leighton-Spradlin - CINCINNATI, OH

Age: 27

Occupation: Shop owner of Continuum Bazaar (launching in May!) / color connoisseur    

Bedtime: I'm typically in bed around midnight. It fluctuates frequently though, depending on what life has thrown at me throughout the day.

Alarm clock: 8 AM as I try to spend as much time possible hanging with my dogs (Cosmo + Sagan) and husband before I head to the shop.  

How would you describe your morning routine? 
Slow, then a bit rushed. I typically wake up around 7:30-8 AM, but that's definitely not when I get out of bed. I indulge in a snuggle/play session with the pups and husband, linger with them in the bed for a bit, then get in the shower. Eventually, I make coffee at some point.

How long does it take you to get ready? 
All in all: 45 minutes. I’ll take a long shower, thrown on a bit of eyeliner, turn on music, and enjoy some dog/husband shenanigans. Occasionally I'll brush my hair. 

What is the one thing in your morning you can't do without?
Coffee. I’m mega addicted. Music is a very close second place contender though.

What is your best "pro" tip for getting ready as efficiently as possible?
BODY OIL. Apply body oil before you dry off, after showering. My favorite is Davines "Authentic Nourishing Oil".

Do you plan out your outfits the night before or are you more of a spontaneous morning dresser?
I’m pretty spontaneous. I am a moody dresser, so after my shower I tend to throw on whatever I'm feeling at the moment and run with it.

If you had 15 more minutes in the morning, what would you squeeze in?
Definitely more morning walks with Cosmo, Sagan and Zach. And more pilates!

Rachel Jones