Claire Leana Millar - MANHATTAN, NY

Age: 23

Occupation: Creator | Blogger at + Brand Consultant

Bedtime: Anywhere from 10 PM - 4 AM ( I like to go dancing)

Wake up: 9 AM, otherwise 1 PM on weekends

How would you describe your morning routine? 
What I love so much about what I do is that I never know where I will have to be the next week so it makes my mornings really interesting! Sometimes I work from home, other days I go into offices and meet clients. For the most part, I make my own schedule. 

How long does it take you to get ready? 
It takes me about 25 mins to do hair and put on some tinted moisture. During the day, I'm a fan of really minimal makeup. I think women look best with clean, glowing skin and a nude lip for day. At night it takes me a bit longer to get ready; my boyfriend is a DJ, so I like to get dressed up and go out dancing. That can take a bit longer to put my glam on! 

What is the one thing in your morning you can't do without? 
A large latte with skim milk. 

What is your favorite or least favorite part of your morning? 
Least favorite: getting out of a warm bed. Favorite part: the possibility a new day can bring. 

Do you plan out your outfits the night before or are you more of a spontaneous morning dresser? 
I make my best outfits under pressure, so my clothes are usually the last thing I put on before leaving the house, or I'll just sit there staring at the closet. 

How does your clothing choices impact the rest of your day? 
Clothes for me determine my mood. As a blogger, it is really important to try and create looks and stick to the aesthetic that you have created for your brand. My style is influenced a lot by the 60's.

If you had 15 more minutes in the morning, what would you squeeze in? 
Meditation and a bit of yoga to start my day the right way. I’m currently looking for more balance in my life! 

Rachel Jones