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Editor's note: One of the unexpected joys of running an online business has been the discovery of what I call "Internet friends," other women that I meet online and develop some connection or sense of kinship with (I also may peep their daily lives via Instagram Stories 😉). Taylor (who I'm lucky to have met in IRL) is one of those people. I appreciate the unselfconscious sense of ease and joy captured in her photos of other women. I'm so excited to share this new photo series & Q&A from Taylor with the lot of you.
~ Rachel

Photographed by Taylor McPherson

Models include: Noel Kenny, Noelle Yee, Chanel Yee, Rika Sakar, Mikayla Chouljian

My biggest inspirations are the life-forces of women in my life and the natural world. My best friends. Strangers I admire. My mom. My sister. The ocean. Flowers. Ferns!
— Taylor McPherson (@taylormele)
What excites me the most is how I feel like I’m in a place where anything is possible. I’ve stopped telling myself I need to “choose” between things that make me happy, and instead I’ve decided I’m just going to do it all (or attempt to, at least!) Feeling infinite, and full of possibility is thrilling, scary and definitely my favorite part of being 20.
— Taylor
My biggest fear is growing too comfortable.
— Taylor
With my work I hope to convey feeling. Strength and power. Vulnerability and intimacy too. Bringing these two aspects together is something I am always trying to work at. I hope my work might challenge ways in which we view bodies, particularly those of female-identifying folks. I am trying to challenge the way in which bodies can be inhabited: as nude, as free, as strong, as unbounded.
— Taylor



On location at Fort Tilden, Brooklyn
Photographed by Sylvia Austin
Styled by Jessica Wu
Hair & Makeup: Maggie Mondanile
Talent: Getter Killing @ One Management
Photographer's Assistant: Taylor Dorrell
Stylist's Assistant: 
Yoojin Park 


Rolling Hills


On location with Nicola Collie
Photographed by Chelsy Mitchell
A special thanks to Gather Wild Ranch


Before the Storm

On location with Lily Harris
Photographed by Danielle Alprin

2017-05-06 17.55.36-2.jpg
2017-05-06 18.16.49.jpg

Malibu Cliffs

On location with Alexandra Madden and Kyle Beechey
Photographed by Alexandra Madden

Alexandra Madden is a photographer working in Los Angeles, originally from northwest Florida. She specializes in landscape and portraiture with a focus on personal projects as well as editorial and collaborative works.

Eva Alt x JONESY

Eva Alt is Glossier's social media editor
Photographed by Jen Steele

Less than three years ago I was onstage dancing Balanchine’s Symphony in C. I was terribly worried about my career as a dancer, feeling sad and unwanted—waiting for someone to give me the opportunities I needed. Fast forward and I am so happy and surprised with how I’ve been able to take control over my own life, create opportunities for myself, and develop as a whole person.
What excites you most about your current age?
How much freedom I can have.
— Eva Alt, age 22
I’ve been inspired by music and dancing my entire life. Not dancing every day hasn’t changed this. It is still a revelation to me how music can churn creativity out of me, and dancing to help me see things more clearly.

Jessica Wu x JONESY


Jessica Wu is a NYC-based stylist and recent FIT grad. 
Photographed by Tiffany Frances

I feel like 21 is the best age to be in NYC since you’re at the peak of youth but also transitioning into the “adult” life.
This is something our parents probably had nightmares about, but the reality is that nowadays social circles are more interlinked than we may perceive just because the Internet has made the world much smaller. NYC is also pretty small in general!
My biggest fear is that I’ll end up in a job that I absolutely loathe...but hopefully I don’t settle for anything less than what will make me happy to wake up each day!
Being around people my age (and even younger) who are really determined to get somewhere and work nonstop to achieve their dreams really gets me to push myself even harder.


Editor's note: In the age of the #selfie, even images captured when no one else is around take on an air of self-consciousness, as if the picture itself already anticipates the "likes" it may receive. What I love about Kimbra Audrey's work, an artist and photographer based out of Paris, is the utter comfort and ease conveyed in her personal photographs. You can see more of her work here

I mainly shoot self-portraits. I started taking self-portraits only for myself, but after sharing them with my friends they quickly evolved. I shoot to release and capture an emotion that I have experienced or am experiencing. I want my images to be as raw and honest as possible.
— Kimbra Audrey
I don’t edit my images in any way, I believe there is beauty in what other people may see as flaws.
— Kimbra Audrey
I know it’s cliche but everything inspires me. My friends are a huge inspiration; I feel blessed to know such wonderful, powerful, talented women. I moved to Paris this year, because I feel the most inspired for my work in this city.
— Kimbra Audrey

Summer Refresh

Q: What excites you most about your current age? 
A: Nothing has to be permanent, including myself. 
— Paris: Poet, Student, Planned Parent Advocate / Age 20
Q: What excites you most about your current age? 
A: The ability and act of documenting my youth. There’s nothing greater then knowing nearly everything I craft will be exposed to the generation I create after me. 
— Sarah: Artist / Age 22
Q: What’s a fear that you have?
A: Forgetting. 
— Sarah
Q: What has surprised you most about the phase of life you’re in?
A: I evolve about 7 times a day and with each evolvement I meet someone new. If I don’t meet someone new I learn something new and if I don’t learn something new, I feel life consistently realigning and shifting me to my purpose. It’s strange being an adult you know?
— Sarah
I feel both too young and too old simultaneously. I know that it’s fairly common to feel a bit less “together” than you would imagine you’d be at any given age, but lately, I feel “old” compared to so many other people doing incredible things. I am also surprised by how much I have to remind myself what I want to do is endurance, not a sprint....I often am so wrapped up in the end goal that I lose sight of the process day-to-day. 
— Paris
I am afraid of being complacent. I am always wondering, “What could I be doing right now?” “What could I be reading or learning or writing or thinking about?” I am constantly terrified that one day I will wake up and look back disappointed or unsatisfied, due to a realization that I had spent time in a way that appeared comfortable, but was actually static. 
— Paris
I am inspired by the works of Anais Nin, of Sapphire, of Toni Morrison, of Joan Didion, Simone De Beauvoir. I am inspired by ridiculous things like the way the light changes at different times in the year, roller discos, planning outfits before I go to places, crying in movies, a couple really pivotal moments in my life. I am inspired by people who have caricatured me. But, most importantly, I am continually inspired by everyone far more resilient than I am—those who have come from any and every background to attend the same classes as I have, to enter and command the same spaces despite structural barriers I myself haven’t had to overcome.
— Paris

Photo Credit

Location: Brooklyn Navy Yard
Photography & Art Direction: Chloe Horseman
Models: Sarah & Paris
Stylist: Rachel Jones

Downtown Hangs


Photo Credits

Location: Chinatown, NYC
Photographer: Mary Kang
Stylist: Rachel Jones
Model: Yulu Serao


Hoop Dreams

Photo Credit

Location: Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Photographer: Adam Patrick Jones
DP & Editor: Mark Monstroski
Models: Amanda Musacchia & Emilia Musacchia

Southern Haze

Photo Credits

Photography: Mary Kang
Stylist: Kaidon Ho
Model: Sara Hiromi
Videographer: Nina Hawkins
Shot in Houston, Texas

Beach Daze

Photo Credit

Photographer: Sofia Colvin
Models: Rosie Kane & Model 2
Shot at Rockaway Beach, NY


Photo Credit

Photographer: Carissa Gallo
Model: Milena Gorum
Shot in Laurel Canyon, CA