Our Values

The terms ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly are bandied about by many brands these days, and given concerns about greenwashing (you can read our working definition here), we wanted to shed more light on our manufacturing values & practices. We are far from perfect and can ALWAYS do better, but are proud of the values and practices we are able to uphold.

Hyper local brand in a global market

Our Brooklyn studio and fulfillment center is located ~ 6 miles away from our primary factory in the Garment District. While our trim and fabric suppliers are international, maintaining close proximity to our factory allows us to reduce shipment waste as we’re able to easily transport goods between both locations.


Our primary production partner is a mom-and-pop run (literally!) sample room and production facility in New York’s Garment District. We have been working with their team since the brand’s inception and consider them an integral part of the Jonesy story and production process. The factory abides by New York State labor laws and given our weekly on-site presence, we are able to confidently attest to safe and fair working conditions :).

In May 2020, we onboarded a second factory in Los Angeles after COVID closures shuttered our factory in NYC. We’ve continued to work with this factory in order to maintain sufficient stock levels as the business grows.

Supply Chain

We create our products almost exclusively with knit blend fabrics sourced from China. Where possible, we prioritize fabrics that are OEKO-TEX® certified. Cotton, an underwear staple, is highly breathable and doesn’t trap moisture. Modal, a plant-based alternative to cotton, is known for its softness and drape. When sustainably harvested (a question we ask our suppliers), it is often designated an eco-friendly fabric. Our fabrics are infused with a bit of elastane to give them good stretch and hold (and withstand many wash cycles!). All of the current trims that we work with are sourced from SHINDO, the premier Japanese elastic manufacturer. SHINDO adheres to rigorous quality control standards and transparent production practices.


In 2019, following customer requests, we made the decision to eliminate all plastic packaging in place of recyclable, paper based materials. While we love a good unboxing moment, we’ve purposely chosen to limit the amount of branded materials (stickers, ribbons, etc.) we include within our packaging due to the superfluous waste created.
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